New Installation:

U.S. Post Company will install any new mailbox system for your home as well as remove and haul-away the current mailbox. All of our installations are done with cement and follow the United States Postal Service guidelines which request mailbox systems to be installed between 41" to 45" above ground level, 6" to 8" back from the curb and approximately 24” deep. U.S. Post Company will contact the local postmaster for any unforeseen permissions needed. Builders will need to supply site map in advance. Please call our office for more details.


Custom Designs:

Looking for something “one of a kind”? U.S. Post Company can custom design any style mailbox system. There are endless options available. Please contact our office to get started on your custom design today!


Repairs / Replacements/Resets:

U.S. Post Company can replace or repair most parts. Some damage is more extreme so pictures are often requested to give a more specific idea of how we can help. Parts that U.S. Post Company does not manufacture, are not stock items and will need to be ordered with a short lead time. If just your mailbox post needs to be secured into the ground, U.S. Post Company offers Post Resets with cement. Please call our office for more details on repairs, replacements and post resets.



If your local USPS is requiring any adjustment in the location of your current mailbox system, U.S. Post Company can help. We will confirm the specifics from the local postmaster and get your mailbox location where it needs to be. U.S. Post Company also offers relocation to street signs as well.


Cluster Box Lock Replacements:

Changing cluster box locks can be a hassle but U.S. Post Company handles everything from the material order to scheduling with the local post office.


Community Change Outs:

If you or your Homeowner’s Association is looking to increase the value of the homes in your community, uniform mailbox upgrades are one of most overlooked, low cost high reward options. Mailboxes can increase the value of your home by the thousands! U.S. Post Company also offers matching street signs. Please contact our office for more options custom to your community!