Package Protector™

Finally a secure, simple package delivery solution for homeowners.
Introducing … Package Protector™
Introducing …
Package Protector™
The new home package management amenity designed to accept packages from any delivery carrier.
Product Overview Outline
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  1. Secure Home Package Delivery Matters
  2. Solving the Secure Home Delivery Problem
  3. Design to Deter Porch Pirates
  4. How It Works
  5. Siting for Fast, Easy Parcel Carrier Access
  6. Alerts Available from Parcel Carriers
  7. Why Parcel Carriers Use It
  8. Product Features & Finish Selections
  9. Installation Details & Product Warranty
Secure Home Package Delivery Matters
Secure Home Package
Delivery Matters
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  • Shopping online continues to grow in popularity resulting in growing numbers of packages delivered to homes
  • Many homeowners are away during prime package delivery hours
  • Packages left sitting in the open on porch steps or other visible locations invite theft
  • “Porch Pirates” follow parcel delivery carriers looking for unattended packages to steal
  • Unprotected packages may also be damaged by weather
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Design to Deter Porch Pirates
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  • Ecommerce sales continue to rise - represented 14.3% of all retail sales in 2018
  • Source:

  • 26 million Americans had a package stolen from their porch in 2017 – and that was just during the holidays!
  • Source:

  • Suggestions for fending off Porch Pirates include…
    • Have shipments delivered to work if allowed
    • Ask friends or neighbors usually at home during the day to receiving your packages
    • Require a signature for packages ordered and delivered to home – assuming someone will be there to receive them
    • Use alternative pickup and delivery options available from FedEx, the U.S. Postal Service and UPS
    • Install home security devices including surveillance cameras
  • None of the options above are as simple and convenient for homeowners as installing an easy to use, out-of-sight, secure package delivery box at home

Clients building new homes will thank you for including the Package Protector™ carrier neutral package delivery amenity in their new home!

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Here’s What Homeowners Told Us …
Here’s What Homeowners
Told Us …
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  1. New home buyers will expect a package delivery solution when building a new home as half of all homeowners (52%) surveyed already have some sort of package delivery solution in their existing home.
  2. Nearly 75% of all homeowners shop online at least once every few weeks with 25% shopping multiple times a week. Nearly 40% of homeowners use at least one online subscription service.
  3. Nearly all homeowners (90%) have their packages delivered to their homes rather than use an alternate pickup location. However, more than one-third have also shipped packages to places other than home suggesting some concerns with the safety of packages at home.
  4. The Package Protector accepts about 95% of popular package sizes*. Most homeowners get medium-sized packages (62%) that are most likely to be left at their front door unprotected.
  5. Nearly all (91%) of homeowners use package tracking notifications available free through parcel carriers and/or retailers. Additional notifications were not deemed necessary by most homeowners.
  6. A majority of homeowners (85%) have experienced damaged, delayed, or stolen/missing packages at least once and many multiple times. The Package Protector, with its recessed locking style, would mitigate the damaged/stolen/missing package problem.
  7. The Package Protector, with its mechanical keypad and built-in appearance was the preferred product by 61% of the homeowners.
Source: Hanover Research; Proprietary Research Project/Florence Corporation, June 2020
* Package acceptance statistic based on Package Concierge package transaction history
Solving the Secure Home Delivery Problem
Solving the Secure Home
Delivery Problem
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  • Package Protector™ provides parcel carriers a secure place to deposit packages
  • Guards packages from rain and other harmful elements
  • Internal compartment (34”x12”x15”) accepts ~95% of popular package sizes and multiple small packages of varying sizes
  • Package Protector™ keeps packages out of sight from porch pirates
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How It Works
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  • It’s super simple to use – for homeowners and parcel carriers!
  • Homeowner sets access code on resettable combination lock
  • When ordering something online the homeowner simply adds the access code into the shipping address …
    • First & Last Name
    • Address Line #1: House # and Street Name
    • Line #2: Input XXXX to open Package Protector™ on porch
    • City, State & Zip Code
  • Carrier deposits package in Package Protector™ - closes and locks the door - and moves on to his or her next delivery
  • Access code can be changed by homeowner at any time
  • Homeowner can allow anyone to use Package Protector™ simply by providing them the current access code
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Siting for Fast, Easy Parcel Carrier Access
Siting for Fast,
Easy Parcel Carrier Access
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  • Choosing a location for Package Protector™ that is convenient for parcel carriers is very important
  • Packages are typically delivered to the front door, so siting Package Protector™ in the front porch area is optimal
  • If the porch is not ideal due to the home floorplan, then close to the porch in a covered, protected location is the next best alternative
  • Installing the Package Protector™ PRO model into an unconditioned space such as a garage or storage area is recommended
  • Carriers will happily use Package Protector™ if it is located in a convenient location that doesn’t add time to their delivery process
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Freestanding Unit Provides Siting Flexibility
Freestanding Unit Provides
Siting Flexibility
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  • If recessing Package Protector™ PRO won’t work with your home design – the free-standing, pedestal mounted Package Protector™ PORT model is right for you!
  • Package Protector™ PORT mounted on a pedestal can be anchored to an existing concrete porch, driveway or any existing concrete pad at least 4” thick.
  • If no existing concrete pad is available where you want to place your Package Protector™ PORT you can pour a 12”x 18” x 24” D concrete pier to place it anywhere.
  • When selecting your site, just remember that parcel carriers will be happy to use either Package Protector™ model as long as it’s in a convenient location that doesn’t add time to their delivery process.
Sign up for Free Alerts from Parcel Carriers
Sign up for Free Alerts
from Parcel Carriers
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  • Each major parcel carrier company offers services that provide customers with email or text alerts that…
    • provides information re: package delivery progress
    • notifies customer when package is delivered
  • Informed Delivery from the U.S. Postal Service also provides an email with images of the mail being delivered daily in addition to providing package tracking notifications
  • Package delivery notifications are available for any customer with a residential address
  • Signing up is fast, easy and free!
Why Parcel Carriers Use It
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  • All parcel companies want to avoid “re-deliveries”
  • Carriers want to deliver a package during their first attempt and avoid leaving “missed delivery” notices
  • Parcel delivery companies contract with retailers for delivery services and want to complete the delivery as quickly and efficiently as possible under their contracts
  • Parcel delivery companies offer customers the ability to add special instructions to home accounts so that alternate locations or other special package handling notes can be provided
  • Carriers read the shipping address to deliver a package and when the Package Protector™ instructions are entered in the shipping address they will follow them
NOTE: Packages delivered by the U.S. Postal Service may end up in the mailbox if they fit because USPS goes to the mailbox first to deliver mail and then to the front door second to deliver packages.
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Product Features & Finish Selections
Product Features
& Finish Selections
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  1. Internal package compartment size is 34.5"H x 12”W x 15“D
  2. Resettable combination lock requires no electricity or batteries
  3. Push button lock provides homeowner and delivery carrier easy access and automatically locks when door is closed
  4. Constructed of heavy aluminum and stainless steel for superior strength
  5. Patent pending water intrusion management system, tested to ASTM E331/E547, discharges water from interior compartment to protect your packages (recessed units only)
  6. Rugged, corrosion resistant powdercoat finish resists scratching
  7. Multiple finish selections to complement home’s architecture
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Installation Details & Product Warranty
Installation Details
& Product Warranty
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  • Easy installation methodology for recessed and pedestal mount designs
  • Recessed mount design installation details provided in PDF and DWG formats for:
    • LAP SIDING - Wood Frame & CMU
    • STUCCO - Wood Frame & CMU
    • MASONRY - Wood Frame & CMU
  • Download installation docs and other product information in Download and Product Information section
  • Florence stands behind its products with a
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Downloads & Product Information
& Product Information
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