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If you’re building a new house - be sure to
incorporate MyPackageConcierge®  into your home design - it is the
“must have” package management amenity for your new home!


Designed and manufactured by Florence, you know you can rely on
MyPackageConcierge® to be a high quality, durable product designed to
complement your home design and style.


MyPackageConcierge® integrates and blends into the exterior of your
home so seamlessly ... only you and your parcel carrier will know it's
New Home Under Construction
MyPackageConcierge installed in an exterior garage wall.


Front porch areas are ideal locations for MyPackageConcierge providing convenience to both

carrier and homeowner.

The new home amenity that solves homeowners' need for a secure location for package delivery by any carrier


Want to deter Porch Pirates from visiting your new home?

Install MyPackageConcierge®! We all love the convenience of ordering online and having our merchandise delivered to our home. But packages delivered during the day when we're away and left sitting out in the open invites theft.

MyPackageConcierge® provides your parcel carrier a secure place to deposit your packages – keeping them safe until you get home.

How does MyPackageConcierge® work?
Your parcel carrier simply enters an access code in the shipping address that you provide when you purchase something online.

Whatever you put in the address appears on the package shipping label. Your carrier reads the shipping label to deliver your package - sees the access code - punches the code in to unlock your MyPackageConcierge® and deposits your package. It's really that simple!

Where can I get MyPackageConcierge®?
Just ask your builder for this new home amenity and let them take care of it for you! Florence has authorized dealers focused on serving construction professionals with products and service across the country.
Using MyPackageConcierge is so easy…


  1. Setup access code on resettable combination lock
  2. When ordering something online – enter your access code in the shipping address something like this…


    • First & Last Name
    • Address Line #1: House # and Street Name
    • Address Line #2: Input XXXX to open MyPackageConcierge on porch
    • City, State & Zip Code
  3. Carrier quickly deposits package in MyPackageConcierge - closes and locks the door - and moves on to his or her next delivery.


Lock code can be reset as needed


Product Features:


  1. Internal package compartment size is 34.5" High x 12” Wide x 15" Deep
  2. Constructed of heavy aluminum and stainless steel for superior strength
  3. Rugged, corrosion resistant powdercoat finish resists scratching
  4. Push button lock provides homeowner and delivery carrier easy access
  5. User resettable combination lock - no electricity required - auto locks when door is closed
  6. Recess mount design integrates seamlessly in an exterior wall
  7. Water intrusion management system (patent pending) that discharges water from interior compartment - system tested to ASTM E331/E547
  8. Available in multiple finishes to complement your home’s architecture (click to download finish reference)


Antique Bronze



Front Dark Bronze

Dark Bronze

FrontGold Speck

Gold Speck

Front Sandstone


Front White


Front Silver Speck

Silver Speck

Front Postal Grey

Postal Grey




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